Whether you pronounce it right or wrong, you ought to check the place out. If you haven’t heard, Barbès is a bar and performance space located on 9th Street and 6th Ave in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Yes, we know, EVERYTHING is located in Brooklyn. Get over it.

Before we get into why you should check out the space that makes you wonder how they can get so much culture within their walls, we should talk about what Barbès is. Barbès is also a neighborhood in northern Paris famous for its discount stores; its large North African population as well as the record stores which helped launches the Rai music explosion of the mid 80’s.

Now that you have some foundation, you can probably guess how awesomely diverse and cultured the performances are. Oh and by the way, they have an expansive single malt scotch collection (yum!) including Japanese single malts (double yum!). If Scotch isn’t your thing, they have plenty of delicious beers on tap and any other spirit you desire or wish to try.

The event we’d like to point out is their Midnight DJ Set that happens every Saturday at midnight (yes, that means it’s technically Sunday) where they host DJs who spin vinyl (yes, they still make that stuff) tropical sets from all over the world.

This is one of the most interesting parties that New York has to offer and you need to experience it!

For more information, see our calendar listing.

See you on the dance floor!