When tourists stop me on the street and ask where East or West is or if I had any landmarks or ideas for them to check out, I almost always refer them to a place that would seem interesting to them and then tell them how to get there with our transit system.  I also tell them to ride the Staten Island Ferry since it’s free and has stunning views!  We’re not kidding!
These encounters typically happen during the day so I advise people to always use public transportation and never a cab.  If it’s late at night, use your discretion.
We’re talking about this matter because riding the New York City rails is an event in itself.   The entire process from going underground, buying your card, waiting on the platform and just experiencing all of the different people and things happening.  The performers, artists, crazies…you name it, it’s there!
And the best part is you get where you want to go and it only costs you $2.50!  The MTA recently increased the fares which of course have everyone buzzing.  For an additional 25 cents, you can go ANYWHERE you want. And note, that includes a free trip on the Staten Island Ferry.
For most of you, bear the burden and appreciate your system.  It’s fast, cheap and works everywhere!  Yes, it sucks that the price increased but let’s see the big picture here.