The country of origin is Japan. The neighborhood is Greenwich Village. The venue is legendary. What else could we possibly be talking about? With the locality known for it, the obvious event we’re talking about involves jazz. In the heart of the streets lined with wonderful musicians at many nooks and crannies we have the Blue Note, an epic venue associated with everything jazz. The smaller venue hosts legendary jazz musicians take the stage in an intimate setting.

This event is no different. Pianist/composer Hiromi Uehara is the latest in that line of amazing musicians who visits the Blue Note again. Hiromi’s piano lesson’s started when she was six, and she performed her first recital at that age. A star was born.

If you are unfamiliar, then you need to buy a ticket immediately and experience the woman who has electrified audiences and critics everywhere, with a creative energy that encompasses and eclipses the boundaries of jazz, classical and pop parameters; taking improvisation and composition to new heights of complexity and sophistication. Her new CD, Alive, her ninth as a leader, features her critically-acclaimed Trio Project, consisting of contrabass guitarist Anthony Jackson (Steely Dan, Paul Simon, Michel Camilo, The O’Jay’s, and Chick Corea) and drummer Simon Phillips (Toto, The Who, Judas Priest, David Gilmour, and Jack Bruce).

Hiromi is quiet but her presence is profound; especially with the Trio Project. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, Hiromi the Trio Project featuring Anthony Jackson and Simon Phillips is cancelled. However, Hiromi will perform with a Special Guest to Be Announced. As disappointed as we are, we are anxious and excited to meet the Special Guest.

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