These colors do not represent a country, a gang or a cult. It just happens to be that special time of the year when the single feel guilty for being single and the people who have significant others get taken advantage of.

It’s no secret that the chocolate, flower and restaurant industries chomp at the bit this time of year. The holiday credit card balances have been paid down and people are ready to spend. To make it sweeter (no pun intended), Hallmark makes it mandatory.

We have our opinions and probably agree with you on your stance; however, we oblige and participate. The old saying is that misery Wants Company so get more of you on the candy and flower chain, we have an event to help get you on board!

New York Events has partnered with Rachel Russo and Beau Gould to host a Pre-Valentine’s Day Party. The idea of course is for you to come down Thursday, meet your Valentine and pump our economy by the weekend.

The city is very diverse so we kicked it up a notch and our sponsors, Sponsored by JDate® & ChristianMingle®.com have taken over different floors of the party. Whatever your belief it, you’ll likely find a match at Midtown 1015 on Thursday!

The event takes place on Thursday, February 12th at Midtown 1015 located at 1015 2nd Avenue (btw 53rd and 54th) from 7pm to 11pm.

For more details and to get your tickets at discount, please visit

Hallmark says you shouldn’t be alone on Vday!