We often hear about the New Yorker who pays an unimaginable rent. Sometimes it’s so low; it’s inconceivable on how the market will ever catch up. Those people are lucky, you know what.

These deals mostly come in the form of ‘rent control’ or ‘rent stabilized’ units. If you have one, hold on to it. While we keep praising it, Walter “Pops” Washington may argue against it.

Mr. Washington and his recently paroled son Junior, the struggle to hold on to one of the last great rent stabilized apartments on Riverside Drive. This show is produced by 2econdStageTheatre so you know it’s funny. And you know it’s DARK!

The show will take you on the father-son journey as their lives collide with old wounds, sketchy new house-guests, and a final ultimatum. It’s all centered on the apartment and the man’s many grudges.

According to the New York Times, Stephen McKinley Henderson leads a superb cast in embodying characters who are utterly believable and not to be believed.

If you’re interested in witty, dark comedies or you have an interesting living situation, this one is for you.

We have all the details on our calendar.