It’s on every invitation we receive and it essentially means ‘please respond’ in French. What we’re asking you to do is respond but not in a way that you’re used to when seeing the letters R.S.V.P. The event we’re talking about is called RSVP but it doesn’t mean what you think it means.

GrumpyFILMS & PRODUCTIONS is introducing a slate of performers for their next edition of “RSVP”, an acronym for Real Sexy Variety Party, in residence at the Arlo NoMad on June 8-9 for four performances.

If you’re not familiar with RSVP, it’s an intimate evening of non-stop, up-close performances by surprising, original, and sometimes risqué NYC talent. With music, dance, comedy, magic, and more on offer, there’s something for everyone. So get up, get chic, and get together for this sexy, one-of-a-kind night out where you are truly part of the party.

Audience and producer favorite, The Great Dubini, has graduated from being a performer, making his debut as an RSVP host. “I’ve performed in all of the iterations of this show,” Dubini (aka Greg Dubin) said, “from its early days in a secret SoHo loft, to the stages of Brooklyn, but never as the host. I do a fair bit of MCing, but RSVP is different because it is so intimate, and all of the acts are always top notch. It feels like a great responsibility, and a real thrill to be climbing on this sexy bull and taking it for a ride.”

“As our residency has progressed, it’s been interesting to see both the performers and the atmosphere of the room feed off each other and create a truly unique experience for those guests in attendance,” adds Daniel Sears, Creative Producer for GrumpyFILMS. “We’ve booked a bill of artists for June that truly excel at engaging an audience in an intimate setting. They will work off our guests – and each other – and really make it seem like you’re hanging out at a party in a friend’s fancy apartment. You’re one of the insiders.”

The June edition cast includes comedian Khalid Rahmaan, burlesque artist Essence Revealed, jazz musician Camille Harris, gritty dance from Vipe x Feetz, and a number or two from Sparky Lingwater, the South’s Premiere Drag Marionette!

It’s only a two day affair and not to be missed! RSVP for RSVP at Arlo.