For those of us who stayed in our city have watched some of our favorite bars and restaurants vanish. The number of ‘For Rent’ signs around town is growing and we don’t like it. We have been doing our part as we’re sure you have been doing the same and ordering in from your favorite spots or bearing the cold and having an outdoor meal or drink in crisp January. For those less brave, buying gift cards does the trick as well. It’s been a trying time for our bars and restaurants and as we know, its those places that shape the fabric of New York. They are more than a place to grab a bite and a drink and we miss them dearly.

Typically, this time of year is a lull for these establishments and its even more amplified during this period.  NYC Restaurant Week usually provides a pickup for our restaurants and keeps them going during the post-Holiday blues. Obviously, we will be unable to frequent our restaurants in person. However, NYC Restaurant Week has been reimagined for this moment and it all begins on January 25th.

Running from January 25-31 (with an optional extension from February 1-7), Restaurant Week to Go will focus on great takeout and delivery options across all five boroughs.  Participating restaurants include some gems like Gramercy Tavern, RedFarm, and Bar Boulud.

“Even though we are still in the middle of this pandemic, it has never been more important to support the extraordinary restaurant industry that has long made New York City a dining capital and sustained the careers of countless families,” says NYC & Company President Fred Dixon in a press release.

Each eatery will offer an entrée with at least one side dish for lunch or dinner at $20.21 a meal, to commemorate the new year. Time to support what’s important!

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