We talked it up, wrote it up and continued to tweet about Frieze New York. If you didn’t go, you missed out. Big time.

The recent Picasso record setting $179.4 million sale kicked off the art week and set the tone. While Frieze focuses on contemporary art, it was still a sign that art season is here.

As always, the actual fair was art itself and if you were one of the late or unlucky folks who couldn’t get in because the event was sold out, you could still enjoy Randall’s Island Park and the crowds that flocked to the unique park that most of us New Yorkers wish they took advantage of more often.

The tent that houses the event is unlike any other tent; it’s an enormous structure that is contemporary in design and sets the tone before walking in. Galleries from all of the world showcased their best pieces under the tent. The eclectic crowd was dressed for the occasion and sipping on spirits critiquing the works of artists and taking in the scene.

There were interactive exhibits including Frieze Sounds which is a program of sound works featuring three specially commissioned audio works by international artists.

We really appreciated the fact that even though big sponsors are behind the event, the fair stays true to its roots and purpose. The fact that its on Randall’s Island makes it even more special (except for the traffic).

Take our advice and mark your calendars for next year. For now, get ready for all the outdoor summer art!