It seems like all good things come back and history is constantly repeating itself. Whether that is through vinyl records, fashion and even the activities that our parents used to enjoy (and for some of us, as kids). That includes everything from drive-in movies (which we love) and rollerskating! Unfortunately, rollerblades haven’t quite made the comeback yet but we’re waiting!

The bliss we get on 4 wheels is now available on the biggest stage in the center of our city – Rockefeller Center! The Rink at Rockefeller Center is getting ready to roll. Experience Flipper’s Roller Boogie Palace—the legendary L.A. roller rink from 1979, reinvented for NYC in 2022. Skate by day or night alongside live DJs and the buzzing backdrop of the city. Open now through October.

You’ve probably ice skated on this rink and maybe even enjoyed a cocktail on a summer evening. This is different.  The actual roller rink will be a bit smaller than the ice rink, leaving more room for onlookers to watch the skaters or hang out and grab food. It’s all thanks to new renovations Tishman Speyer has been making to restore the plaza to its original architectural vision, with:

–          The Rink Level serving as a grand entrance from the Plaza and Channel Gardens, allowing circulation through the entire Center on both street and Rink Level.

–          Glass doors encircling The Rink, restoring the ability to easily walk in and out and view the skaters in the Plaza.

–          The sunken plaza transforming into a gathering space with tables, chairs, and green spaces that allow the public to flow into Rockefeller Center’s shops and restaurants.

As you can tell,  this is well thought out and very different than other installments at 30 Rock. It’s a special time where our tree is hosted and we can’t wait to take part!

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