The summer comes and goes so fast in this city that it feels like we never even enjoy the fun summer New York City venues. Our weekends are planned for us and it feels like we’re part of the great exodus every weekend. When the season finally ends and we’re in full fall mode, we’re always bummed that we didn’t spend more time doing the rooftop thing.

Good news! Rooftop season doesn’t end with Summer in New York! This town goes HAM and doesn’t want the good times to end. As a result, many of our favorite outdoor drinking establishments with a view keep the party going even after the weather has turned chill. Don’t worry, they will keep you comfortable in the process.

While it’s probably not top of mind for you, there are plenty of rooftops in Manhattan where you can sip on fancy cocktails, enjoy the views and not freeze your butt off! It’s called retractable roofs! These used to be a rare find on our island but more and more keep popping up.

Since you’re probably not thinking rooftop outside of the summer, others are probably forgetting the New York treasure as well. This creates an opportunity for your next event. How about a winter function on a rooftop?! Imagine snowfall with a view from the sky?! Sounds pretty unique to us! We doubt that your guests will forget the time they went to YOUR event and had a view from the XX Floor and saw snow!

Okay, Okay, we’re romanticizing but seriously, you may want to consider some great rooftops in our city that can accommodate your group’s next function. You’ll have a great view, stay warm and leave your guests with a rooftop experience they probably wouldn’t have this time of year. All of this will make you the hero! Contact us to talk more on rooftop venues for your non-summer event!