When was the last time you played Clue? Don’t act like you don’t remember the epic, iconic board game that entertained you for hours at family gatherings. Everyone got involved and no one trusted each other. Your relationship with family and friends unraveled as you all grew more and more suspicious of each other. So much fun, right? How about if you had a chance to do that all over again? Except this time, it’s all happening live and on stage and not how the Parker Brothers set it up.

The popular board game is one of the most riveting forms of entertainment and has totally come to life and Off-Broadway! We are talking about America’s longest-running play, Shear Madness, where the audience combs through the clues, questioning the suspects like a bona fide “Shearlock Holmes.” The show is set in a local hair salon and has a dialogue that’s as up-to-date as the morning’s news.

Shear Madness is a hilarious whodunit with the audience as a main character. The madness erupts at your not-so-typical hair salon, when suddenly the old lady upstairs gets mysteriously murdered and everyone’s dying to know WHODUNIT? The show quickly becomes an interactive experience where a blend of mystery and improvisational theater ensues and audience members are called upon to make sense of the clues, question the actors and ultimately solve the crime.

We had the opportunity to check out the show this week; one of our favorite experiences of the evening was during the intermission when we had the chance to chat with the cast, gather more clues and meet our fellow audience members. A totally interactive and engaging experience that we can’t wait to tell everyone one about (and attend again)!

Shear Madness

This show is quickly becoming a New York City institution.  Shear Madness is playing at the New World Stages and keeping it interesting every night as the audience guides the show and the jokes are as current as the latest presidential poll (included in the she we attended). Bottom line, this doesn’t get old.

It’s been voted “Best Comedy of the Year” eight times in Boston and “Best Play of the Year” in both Chicago and Philadelphia. It’s even listed in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Shear Madness can be fun for audiences of all ages; the younger ones won’t get the jokes the older ones show up for which works out well. More information on the show can be found on their website: http://nyc.shearmadness.com/.

Since we loved the show so much, we teamed up with the people at Shear Madness to giveaway a pair of tickets for FREE! To enter the contest, visit https://newyorkevents.co/pages/shearmadness/.

We’re sure that you will love it. Don’t forget to tell us who committed the crime!