We’re not quite there yet but before we pack it in and head to families for the holidays, we need to get a little more raging in prior to our quick break before New Year’s Eve.

Thanks to our friends, The Tipsy Elves, they helped by coordinating and sponsoring National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day. Yes, there is such a thing! Seriously. From their mouth, if you are uninspired by life and need four cups of coffee just to break the monotony of the 9 to 5, they created this special day in December that will alleviate these common maladies…National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day! We’re laughing while typing this but definitely not kidding. Learn more at nationaluglychristmassweaterday.org.

If Ugly Christmas Sweaters are not your thing but you enjoy drinking, Santa Con is also on the horizon! If Ugly Christmas Sweaters are up your alley, then double fun for you!

Not sure if we’re sticking around for the debauchery that is Santa Con but if you haven’t done it ever, you should definitely check it out! Pub Crawl meets Christmas…Don’t know if that would fly in the Bible Belt! Even if you don’t participate, it’s certainly a site to see. This could be accomplished by simply walking around Manhattan. Surely, you’ll see something that will make you look twice!

Merry, Merry, Merry!