Each and every day we gradually get older and things change. Whether it’s our taste buds and longing for dark chocolate or dinners as opposed to bottle service, our motives changes. The phenomenon cannot be explained and being an event company, we come across many events that have us saying ‘we can’t do that anymore’ or ‘we’re too old for that’. What we’re really saying is that we can’t hang! The event we’re about to tell you about satisfies this and everything that surrounds those feelings. Except, now you will go CLUBBING AGAIN! Each and every Friday night! We’re talking 90’s baby!

New York City’s biggest 90s party, Saved By The 90s takes over Webster Hall’s Marlin Room every Friday evening at 10pm. The party features live 90s music from The Bayside Tigers starting at midnight and a dance party with DJ Suga Ray all night long. For more information, please visit: www.savedbythe90s.com.

Armed with sweatbands, windbreakers, scrunchies, crop tops, snapbacks and electric-colored garb galore, The Bayside Tigers boast a repertoire of over 150 jams from the 90s, with more being added into the mix every week. Over the last few years Saved By The 90s has welcomed guest appearances by 90s icons such as Dustin Diamond (Screech), Aaron Carter, Coolio, Sophie B. Hawkins, Naughty By Nature, Chris Barron (Spin Doctors), Mark McGrath, Lisa Loeb, Dennis Haskins (Mr. Belding) and more!

Dress as you wish…it’s the 90s! If you’re not nearly as excited as most of our team, then you are definitely not in your 30’s. Hold out for the 2000s bash. In the meantime, we’ll be living it up on Friday nights at Webster Hall! Finally, we can go clubbing and dancing again!

Saved By The 90s is the place to be on a Friday night in New York City! For more information, please check out the event on our Calendar!