We don’t always cover events, places and themes that cater to everyone. While our modus operandi is to bring something to the table for everyone, our coverage cannot cater to everyone. For this reason, we cover lots of different things and cast the widest net. Well, we may have something that at least everyone can enjoy and we’re pretty excited to share it with you.

The theme is music, the place is anywhere and the event is what you make it. Our piece is flash mob meets disco. Plenty of you have Beats headphones (or the free white ones that came with your iPhone). Think about that and a live DJ pumping music into your ears. Got it? Now picture a crowd of people around you with the same thing happening. You with us? Now think of the last time you were out and were at the mercy of listening to the music that the DJ decided to play.

You do not have to be at anyone’s mercy again! And, this is why we thought this piece was perfect for everyone! There are multiple DJs and you can pick whatever makes you happy. Again, same crowd, different music! We think this is pretty awesome and absolutely worth the try!

If you like to dance, Generation Party is sure to be an unforgettable evening. During this exciting take on the headphone party trend, revelers tune into a set of wireless headphones to choose from music from a wide array of decades as three different DJs — DJ Izzy E, DJ w.ILL and DJ Lou — spin simultaneously. Whether you’re a fan of today’s hottest dance music, EDM or hip hop, or prefer music from the Roaring ’20s, or the ’50s, ’60’s, ’70s, ’80s and beyond, you’ll find a DJ playing music that makes you want to dance. Two dance floors, prizes and giveaways and drink specials until 2am help make this silent disco event at Croton Reservoir Tavern in New York City a high-energy evening.

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And remember, SHHH!!!