This is New York and we hope you weren’t foolish enough to think that we were talking about clothes! Clearly, we are talking about groceries!

We know you love Whole Foods, Fairway, waiting in line at Trader Joe’s, Morton Williams, D’Agostino and of course, GROSStedes. They’re all great (except for the last one) but when you put your pen to your paper, you soon realize that it probably doesn’t pay to make a shopping list, walk the aisles, wait in line, bag the groceries, walk home, carry them up to your apartment, cook, clean and everything else that comes along with the process.

Let’s be real. This is New York City and chance are, you are not as domesticated as you think you are. However, being New York City, you are probably more health conscious than you think you are!

Obviously Seamless is easiest and Whole Foods prepared foods are great but we wanted to take a look at some other options that are delicious and healthy that we usually don’t think about. In our list, we’re also cognizant of price.

The Amish Market: This place has some of the best sandwiches in the city. We’re serious. Check them out and you will not be disappointed. Bring your appetite!

Eataly: Is it a beer garden? An Italian grocery store? A pizzeria? You decide! There are plenty of options here for you.

Chelsea Market: As long as you don’t come here on the weekend, you are in good shape and in a great place to find a deliciously prepared meal.

Stile’s Farmers Market: This place is FRESH. This place is CHEAP. Again, FRESH & CHEAP in New York City!

Todaro Brothers: Old school Italian market. Come here for the cheese

Garden of Eden: Late night at the office? Half off prepared foods after 8pm! Just saying.

Union Square Greenmarket: Busy Busy but locally grown and an awesome outdoor experience!

Inwood Farmers Market: Fall is coming…they have Apple Cider Donuts. No, that is not a typo!