The moon is right. The spirit’s up. We’re here in New York. And that’s enough. Not exactly Paul McCartney but very much a special time in The Apple.

While it’s difficult to place your finger on one reason why the city feels so special this time of year, you can sense the ‘spirit’ in the air. We talked about the Tree Lighting and the Thanksgiving Day Parade but it goes beyond that.

There are the lights around the awnings of the buildings, the street lights across avenues in the boroughs, the Salvation Army bells, the music playing everywhere you go and the department store windows that are decorated for guests from all over the globe.

New York is unique, and it captures the season in a way that no other place can. Ebenezer Scrooge could even get into the spirits walking around the streets of our little island!

We often use this as a forum to tell you about an event or happening around town. This is not our message today. We want you to walk out of your office building or stop in your tracks and take it in. Appreciate what is around you and get into the spirit!

There is no excuse not to enjoy what’s around you. It won’t cost you a thing and will help you appreciate all the other madness that we deal with on a day to day like subway delays, overpriced coffee and gridlock alerts.

So, take a walk down Fifth Avenue, visit one of the Holiday Shops and see the Tree. The crowds are there but the Holiday Magic of New York makes it tolerable. We promise.

Your friends and family will be happy you got yourself into the spirit. It’s one of the intangibles you get living in New York and one of the (few) things the city gives back!