There is no way the title of this piece could give you any insight into what we saw on Friday night. We did our homework and read the reviews from The New York Times, The New York Theatre Review, and even watched the trailer. It is impossible to prepare for the most incredible voyeuristic experience you will probably ever have (legally, that is).

We can sit here and explain the story but you can find that anywhere. Yes, two people at a sex party, smoking cigarettes, skirt around BDSM pleasures, hooking up, etc.

What you won’t read is how you’re in a basement in TriBeCa where the walls are painted black and the ‘stage’ is smaller than your ‘small NYC studio kitchen’. Set in a kitchen for 90 minutes, this erotic experience will make you cringe and wish for more. It will call out your inner desires and make you feel uncomfortable for being turned on by it.

What impressed us the most was two peoples ability to give the audience a deep background into their lives, where they came from, who they were and how they got here? By the time the ‘action’ happened, you knew why. And in some instances, you wish you were one of them.

Stephen Stout and Madeleine Bundy have amazing chemistry. They turn each other on, they scare each other and they love each other.

This is not a feel good book kind of play. There is no happy ending. This is a view into a night into a world that most of us know nothing about but always curious but scared to peek in. Well, this is your opportunity to be between an awkward, incredible, lustful couple for one night.

Lucky for you, the show was extended through November 9th. We urge you to get tickets TODAY!