It seems like the hits keep on coming our way. The obvious one being this lovely pandemic we are all experiencing followed by the events that caused us to feel just a little less safe in our streets and then the latest storm which knocked us all out of power.  These days, it feels near impossible to find something to look forward to. There are remnants of our old lives in sports on TV but without fans and restaurants open but not how we knew them.  For us, that is a silver lining we have been getting excited about.  We always felt that New York could never have enough outdoor dining experiences. This summer, there has not been any shortage and we’re loving it!

We’ve heard just how ‘European’ our city has become with all the al fresco dining available. We like to think of it as very New York and we’re excited to learn that this may become the NEW New York norm. If you love eating on the streets, then don’t fear it leaving us with coronavirus (hopefully soon).  Mayor de Blasio’s outdoor restaurant program is set to expire on October 31 but there have been rumors that it could be extended year-round. While we prefer to dine without jackets and exposure to the elements, we’re confident that our city’s restauranteurs will get creative and keep us comfortable if they have to keep the indoors closed. What we’re especially excited about is the fact that next summer, we get to enjoy what we’re loving right now. We can only hope that this pandemic is not what it is right now.

Mayor de Blasio announced that the city’s popular “open restaurants” program will return for warm weather dining next summer. Tentatively, restaurants will be able to use the curbside space that many have taken advantage of this summer starting June 1.  Not that this summer is over but we’re definitely looking ahead!