Sound & Substance

Sound differs from noise in substance. And when the needle drops, DJs Sonny Daze, Daigoro, and Benjam bring Sound & Substance that beckons all to feel the bass in their rebel base.  Long-time friends and aficionados, this triumvirate selects, blends, and mixes artisanal styles to the aural delight of all.  This Tuesday, they are ready to align their musical version of the starfighter assault on the Death Star.

Below the refined dining of Louie and Chan, in the lounge and dance floor of the303, these experienced DJs will spin music that inspires everyone from rookies to wookies.  When the doors open and until jedis have red eyes, Sound & Substance strikes back from three unique and original sources.

Sound & Substance

Using sound as his mouthpiece, Sonny Daze summons talent, charisma and dedication to his craft.  That which he spins communicates to the ears and into the collective consciousness.  He truly delivers a soundscape that is nourishing to mind, soul, and body.  Those who are drawn to his dance floors, remain in motion, elation and elevation.  The Sonny Daze experience is a fiery cycle of dynamic tonal color and emotion.

Michael Loeb, aka Daigoro, has been DJing lounges, parties, weddings, school dances, and public events since New Years 2000. He stirs a wide mix, from Ruben Blades to the Blade soundtrack; Ante Up to Uptown Top Ranking; Yabby You to U2 to Youssou N’Dour; Meek Mills to Stephanie Mills; Sister Nancy to Nancy Sinatra; Tribe Called Quest to Question Mark and the Mysterians; and everything in between. Listen to Daigoro’s loosely categorized mixes at

Bridging these two towers of the DJs community and music scene is the karmic chameleon of cues and cuts, Benjam.  He’s an avuncular chap who makes hands clap and travels all over the map for that boom bap.  And in the mix, his sound results are substantial. When Benjam spins, music flows through him and connects to the energy field created by all living things that surrounds us, that penetrates us and that binds the galaxy together.

Sound differs from noise in substance