The underground bar and lounge on the upper West Side invites everyone on Saturdays for movies and games. People will be offered different deals in this meet up. The bar and lounge is offering complete entertainment package to the people.

They will show a different movie every week which will be based or center around those that were written, made, starred or produced and directed by the Afro- American artists. The best part here is a movie along with a complimentary popcorn pack. These popcorns will be available for free while watching the movie. In addition to that people will be offered several tables to play board games or cards while they watch movie. They have a list of games available that includes spades, Dominoes, checkers, chess, Monopoly, Trivial pursuit, Uno and Connect 4. However, people can bring in their own board games to share and play while they are at the lounge watching the movie.

With all these facilities and great deals there is an icing on the cake which is a billiards table for those who want to show their talent playing the game while sipping some bottles of beers. However, the interesting thing is winners play for free and the rest pay 2 dollars in the pool machine. All the drinks here are inexpensive and it is rather a cool bar to hang out with family and friends.

This week the bar and lounge on the Upper West Side is showing Black Dynamite featuring Michael Jai White. But before you proceed towards the bar and lounge make sure you know the most important thing which is the admission charge of 5 dollars whether you watch the movie or not or you play games or decide to leave it. Looking forward to see more of the people of New York there!!!