It was reported on Tuesday, July 24, 2012 in New York Daily News that a 15 year old boy named Nicholas Dellaventura collapsed during a football practice and died. The news was really shocking to the mates and the family of Nick.

Nicholas Dellaventura was a student of the-Sea High School in Huguenot where he took part in non-contact drills and whiles the practice he fell on the ground and died. The sources said that the temperature of his body was way too high and soon he went into cardiac arrest. Gabriel, boy’s Uncle, also said that they didn’t know what happened and where things went wrong.  It was just that the boy was practicing and something really bad happened. The family and relatives claim that Nick was physically fit and was really happy as he had come from a family reunion 2 days before this incident happened.

According to the relatives and family he was a great football player and a good human being. Family and mates were really shocked to hear the news as they all loved him greatly. Nick’s mother commented that it was hard for her to believe that her son is no more because ten years ago she lost her husband and now her dearest child, Nick.

Even the athletic director, Greg Manos, commented that the entire team was devastated after Nick’s death. He mentioned in his comments that the Dellaventura family was one of the greatest family he has ever met and he will pray for the entire family. Classmates and all the close friends of Nick sent their condolences over twitter and also mentioned that Nick was an amazing human being and that they will never forget him.  The incidence was really shocking since the death of the boy still remains a mystery.

By: Bharat Mehta (