The unofficial start of the summer is here. You can argue that it’s later than usual to come this year but we’re finally here and it looks the weather will not cooperate! In addition to checking the weather in preparation for the big Memorial Day Weekend, you may want to also look at the traffic report and ask your boss to check out early (or ‘work from home’). The traffic this weekend is supposed to be the worst Memorial Day traffic in 10 years.

We don’t know about you but the idea of everyone on the road fighting to get out east, to a beach, park or the shore sounds like a nightmare. Especially when we’re looking at weather in the mid-70s! We’re always the first one to get undressed and bake in the sun but this weekend, we’re not doing it outside of the city. There are plenty of activities around town (including 2 Rangers game to watch) that will keep us away from traffic and away from the crowds! We find that mentioning crowds is almost comical given the fact that we’re fighting them on a daily basis trying o get to our offices near Grand Central.

This weekend, we say no! We have planned to enjoy what the city offers and we never get a chance to take advantage of — from sitting in any of our wonderful parks. Sounds like we can do this at any time, yes? Well, when is the last time you just sat in a park? There will be LOTS of outdoor day drinking; when we’re not drinking, maybe we’ll check out a museum, eat some street meat and watch the Rangers. Oh, we should also mention that its Fleet Week so all you single ladies looking for a man in uniform, this is absolutely your opportunity to find one. They’re here and they’re on the prowl!

Don’t get caught in the traffic jam because of peer pressure; there is plenty to do right here and while everyone is on the road, we get to enjoy it peacefully!