It doesn’t matter when you found us, you know that we love food carts, food trucks, and any opportunity to eat on the street. While the costs have risen significantly since the dirty water dog days, the quality of food has increased significantly.

We’ve been fans since our friends would reach into that water with the crusty tong and pick out a special weenie for us. Squirt some mustard, toss some sauerkraut…In fact, make it two! Sometimes we get nostalgic and yearn for the dogs but for the most part, we like variety.

What better place to get a variety of street food vendors than Metropolitan Museum of Art? Possibly some of the best real estate for street vendors in New York City, they have everything and anything you can imagine!

With all of the construction going on, the real estate is less, forcing vendors to arrive earlier and we heard that some vendors are event sleeping in their carts! Do you have that dedication?

From hot dogs, to falafels to souvlaki and even vegetarian options, you can find it here. Not into art? 5th Avenue and 82nd Street has more to offer than art.

You heard it here first!