We’ve all turned our attention to Long Island but for the wrong reason. We’re worried about our Monday morning commute when there’s an action packed weekend before that! No, we are not talking about the Hamptons or Montauk (although we wouldn’t mind being out there any other weekend). We’re talking about the Long Island Irish Festival!

Aside from summer weekends in the Hamptons, Fire Island, or Montauk, we do not focus on Long Island enough. This is a great reason to get out to Abbess Farms in Calverton. Yes, it’s in Suffolk County and yes, it’s 70 miles away from the city but trust me, it’s worth it! Unfortunately, the LIRR station closed in 1958 so you’ll have to get off at the Riverhead Station.

Once you get there, you’ll experience 3 stages of performances (details below), dozens of acts, hundreds of performers along with great food and merchandise vendors. The festival lasts all weekend and is the best way to relive your St. Paddy’s Day Memories from 4 months ago…Not quite the halfway point but definitely worth the green beer!

For tickets and more information, check out Liirishfest.com.


Friday, July 18
Tommy Makem Pavillion
1pm: Stone Cross
3pm: The McKrells
5pm: Colcannon
7pm: Andy Cooney
9pm: Black 47

Irish Cultural Centre Pavillion
12:30pm: The McKrells
2:30pm: Frank Emerson
4:30pm: New York Brogue
6:30pm: MacTalla Mor
8:30pm: The Barley Boys

Hibernian Pavillion
6pm: Celtic Cross
8pm: Finn’s Fury
Saturday, July 19
Tommy Makem Pavillion
1:30pm: Finn’s Fury
3:30pm: Mythica
5:30pm: Makem & Spain Brothers
7:30pm: The Prodigals
9:30pm: Ceili Rain

Irish Cultural Centre Pavillion
1pm: Frank Emerson
3pm: Stone Cross
5pm: Colcannon
7pm: Dublin City Ramblers
9pm: The McKrells

Hibernian Pavillion
1pm: Morning Star
6:30pm: MacTalla Mor
8:30pm: Bangers & Mash
Sunday, July 20
Tommy Makem Pavillion
1:30pm: Bangers & Mash
3:30pm: The McKrells
7:30pm: MacTalla Mor
9:30pm: Finn’s Fury

Irish Cultural Centre Pavillion
12:30pm: Frank Emerson
2:30pm: Stone Cross
4:30pm: Aoife Clancy
6:30pm: Emish
8:30pm: Dublin City Ramblers

Hibernian Pavillion
6pm: Makem & Spain Brothers
8pm: Mythica