It’s 4th of July Weekend and we’re still technically at the beginning of summer.  For me, it doesn’t feel like I am at the start line with all this time to go.  It feels more like a mad dash with a to-do list longer than the summer months can hold and a calendar with every weekend reserved for activities.  Meanwhile, I spend my days reading about all the great events and activities happening in and around the city.  All I want to do is push the pause button on summer.  Unfortunately, that is not possible and I am forced to squeeze my schedule even more to get all the great New York summer activities in this summer.  I’m tired of hearing my friends tell me about all the fun they had in the city this summer and me saying, “oh yea, maybe next summer when my schedule isn’t so busy”.  If you feel similar pain, check out our short, scatter-brained list of activities that we all know about and rarely take advantage of.  Push the pause button on your life and enjoy these awesome things happening in your backyard before summer ends!

FREE Entrance to the MoMa on Fridays – The building alone is worth checking out and it’s FREE!
Monday Night Movie Night at Bryant Park – All your friends have been. Have you?  Blazing Saddles this Monday. Just saying.
Beach Ride to Rockaway – Bike.  Beach.  Need we say more to convince you?
Coney Island Bike Tour – Self explanatory!  Go get out there!
Satellite Magazine’s City-Themed Speaker Series – Short, informal talks about different facets of urban life.  Come get some knowledge on something you didn’t know you cared about!
Wix Events – Wix offers free co-working space, coffee and events that are sure to help your business (or get your creative juices flowing).  Check them out here:!events-wix-lounge2/c1k08
FREE Museums – It won’t cost you a thing!  Check out a list of freebies here:
Citibike – Don’t be a hater…it’s 10 bucks and you get exercise and experience the city in a new way.  Try the bike paths on the west side for a smooth ride and a nice breeze.
New York Botanical Garden – Big and beautiful!  Seriously, it’s 250 acres and you’d never know that you were in the Bronx!  Go!  Now!
Brooklyn Flea – The Brooklyn Flea is back outside on Saturdays in Fort Greene and Sundays in Williamsburg .  Check it out for some interesting items or go for the ice pops!
And finally…Central Park! Yes, get in there and hang. It’s awesome!