It feels like years since we’ve had a real summer because of the world we’ve been stuck in. Sure, last year we were able to go outside and enjoy the nice weather but that’s where it ended. The summer of 2020 hardly felt like a summer and the anxieties of what the fall of 2020 brought made it even tougher to enjoy. Fast forward a year later and there is a lot of optimism in the air. With that, Memorial Day is around the corner and we feel like school kids about to go on Summer Break!

New York and the rest of the country continue to reopen, restrictions have been lifted and we finally have some activities to look forward to. That includes indoor and outdoor. We’re especially happy to report that all New York beaches will be open for Memorial Day and could be at 100% capacity by the Fourth of July. That is a big change from 2020 and certainly something to get excited for! It’s a great time in our city and state and we can’t wait to enjoy everything it has to offer this summer. On top of the beaches, our pools will be open the summer as well!

So, get your bathing suit ready, pack your sunscreen and grab a towel. “We need to get ready for a great summer,” the governor said during a briefing in Buffalo. “The weather is turning. The winter is over. We need to get on with life and we want to have a great summer.”

“So, if the numbers keep going the way they’re going we are going to be able to do that. So, we would actually be able to have a normal summer finally in beaches and pools,” he added.

Mayor de Blasio already announced that all of the city’s eight public beaches will open for Memorial Day weekend. The city’s 48 public pools will open on June 26.

It’s time. See you out there!