There is nothing like a great meal at the diner after a long night out. Drinking, dancing and/or whatever else keeps you out until 4AM is so wonderfully complimented by a delicious burger deluxe, Reuben sandwich, or egg something greasy platter that soaks it all up. Coincidentally and ironically, there isn’t much difference in the experience at 10AM on a Sunday morning (besides the bloodshot eyes and booze breath).

In a city where we’re always talking about fancy boozy brunches with DJs and a party that runs into the evening, we forget a staple…The diner. From the old coffee shop counters to the mega diners (see Tick Tock), there is something special about pages and pages of menu items, that coffee that can be found anywhere else and those yummy mints on the way out.

To us, a diner is like a barber. We don’t really feel comfortable switching no matter how far we are. That is what makes the following list most challenging. With a well-rounded New York City metropolitan area experience of diners, we have come up with our top 5 that you can feel comfortable cheating on your local drunk/hangover counter.

In no particular order, here is our top five. Eat up!

Madison Diner965 1st Avenue. It’s all the way east but this place is worth the trip and talk about pages upon pages of menu items…
Ritz Diner1133 1st Avenue. Another First Avenue staple…Google it. People watching is where it’s at. Not to mention the delicious coffee.
Sanfords Restaurant30-13 Broadway #1, Astoria. Not your average Greek diner. Try the truffle fries and duck burger.
Neptune Diner3105 Astoria Boulevard, Astoria. We all know it. It’s Michael Bloomberg’s favorite. What kind of list would this be without Neptune.
Waverly Diner385 6th Avenue. A Greenwich Village staple. Best fresh squeezed OJ.