If you are a sushi lover, we have the event of all events for you and it’s going down this weekend! The True World Foods Expo is back after a two year hiatus and ready to serve all of your sushi needs! The biggest Sushi festival will be back in New York, and we highly recommend attending this upscale event that promotes all sushi-related food culture through a lot of tasting, a giant Tuna cutting demonstration, and much more!

With over 40 years in the industry, True World Foods is a pioneer in providing safe and high-quality foods from around the world to over 12,000 restaurants in North America and beyond. This Expo is the third time hosting a food event showcased the collective efforts of True World Foods. Attendees are not only able to taste and sample food showcased on-site but also can purchase selected items online. Some items will only be brought to the Expo, so the event will be a great opportunity for you to experience Sushi and Japanese food culture.

Throughout the event, attendees can enjoy unlimited tastings of fresh seafood, including Bluefin tuna, yellowtail, sea bream, salmon, sea urchin, and scallops, as well as the ever-popular wagyu beef and other Japanese food items such as matcha green tea, yuzu, wasabi, and nori seaweeds. New products such as plant-based kuzukiri jelly, sake ice cream, and vegan ramen will also be available for sampling. Upscale Hida wagyu, a highly prized variety of wagyu beef from Japan’s Gifu Prefecture will also be served. Sweet and juicy Crown Melon, known as the King of Melon, will be offered at the Shizuoka Prefecture booth. Additionally, Japan’s high-end kitchen knife brand Aoki Cutlery and the esteemed Arita porcelain will sell their wares at special promotional prices just for the day of the event. Furthermore, at True World Foods’ own tasting booth, fresh sushi using their premium fish will be served by the company’s sushi specialists. Guests can also expect “yatai” street foods such as takoyaki octopus balls and gyoza dumplings by Osho.

It’s an epic event that should not be missed. If you love food tours and sushi, this is your jam! For more information and tickets, visit: https://www.boomset.com/apps/eventpage/119692