It’s the start of August and the beginning of the end for summer. While many of the privileged New Yorkers get to go out East, there are those of us who are stuck here in this blistering heat inhaling the fumes from the garbage that’s overheating on the curb.

While we’re probably too old to run through sprinklers for relief (or are we?), we may scare the kids in the park. There are pools, but how do we get in? Thrillist published a list of 13 pools in Manhattan and how to sneak in.

Our staff has already tried to get in to most of them and failed. Thrillist labeled access to these ‘Basically impossible’. Point taken.

With that being said, there are some awesome pools where access may be more ‘flexible’. They may not be in the hottest part of town but chances are the weekend and the scene really isn’t the scene and you’re sweating! Plus, would you really rather be in your tiny shoebox apartment that is NOT sun drenched? Try these three in order to avoid access problems (or would you rather sweat?): Millenium Hilton New York, ONE UN New York and Hotel Americano.

There’s only a few weeks left so if you don’t have a place (or a friend) out east, see this list!