“What’s Up Doc?” Get it? If not, you may have had an abnormal childhood. We’re talking Bugs Bunny, of course! The mischievous rabbit who ate carrots nonstop and had a hot Rabbit GF (OK, that’s weird).

With Saturday morning cartoons officially off broadcast television, an era has passed and our children will never understand what that was like. Sitting in your PJs and watching Looney Tunes.

Most people don’t know who Chuck Jones is. He is the creator and reason why you had the Saturday mornings that involved cartoons. He is responsible for all of your fond memories. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2002. The creative genius worked at Warner Bros. and helped develop the personalities and bring to life the characters we grew up on and learned to love.

Some were snarky, snippy and straight up obnoxious but I don’t think that I’m alone when I say I love them. Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Wile E. Coyote, the Road Runner and many more define a part of our childhood.

Now, the Museum of the Moving Image is bringing it back! They are displaying his artistry with sketches, story boards, animation cels and photographs. Every Saturday and Sunday during the show’s run, the museum will present programs of Chuck Jones screenings.

Go check it out and get back on that couch on Saturday morning. Heck, bring your kid(s) and show them what it’s all about!