Have you ever briefly fallen out of reality? No recollection of what happened or where you are, and as you try to embrace to your new settings, you also realize you are chained down and semi naked. Okay, if you think this is leading to something else; rest assured it is not that type of play, so keep your minds clean if you can as we take a peek at the Accidental Kiss.  This is a play about two characters who are drawn together and share unforeseen events and find love. Chauncey, a fellow actor and employee of the hotel is holding Clarista, an actress, who finished her screening the hotel captive in the basement of the hotel. Chauncey recollects meeting Clarista in a prior life, confesses his undying and endless love for Clarista, and swears to convince her they are soul mates. The initial response is confusion, followed by anger, and then love as you discover how this emotion is capable of bonding two people from different backgrounds and experiences in life.

Clarista, also nursing a killer hangover from the night before, assumes Chauncey is a bit off radar as she resists his perspective on this opportunity that they are meant for one another. Chauncey travels back in time, in an era where love was pure and compares Clarista to a modernized version of Romeo and Juliet. Chauncey and Clarista spend a few days together in this basement until Clarista begins to reciprocate her emotions to Chauncey. He confesses and asks for forgiveness as they physically bond while she is unconscious and Clarista, unable to hold on to the resistance finally surrenders.

The trust is stronger than before, and convinced that Clarista will not run away, he uncuffs her. As subsequent events follow, we see the inevitable sacrifices leading Chauncey to face some very difficult choices all in the name of love and freedom. The play was different, unique, and offered personal insight on life and highlights the notion that even though we are different, we remain similar in many things. After the production, I had a moment to talk with the playwright, Chima Chikazunga, and pick his brain behind his motivation for writing the play and look forward to more plays in the future.

By: Laura M. Artis