A warm afternoon spent indoors at the Kraine Theatre in the sultry NYC downtown area was one of the best ways to donate a weekday to fun. As I ascended the cozy theatre, I did not expect the experience ahead. Once inside and while nestling into my seat, I anxiously waited for the commencement of the show. After a quick introduction and a brief moment of darkness, the event kicked on the power and we started the journey with a woman called Ann, playing the role of the patient seated on a hospital bed. As a member of the audience, it was a bit unclear at first; however, it kicked into gear when Maggie, her daughter entered the scene.

As the play progresses it becomes apparent that Maggie settles into tapping into her imagination to paint a lucid image of her new reality when Ann, her mother is diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Based on a true story experienced by the director of the play, this is Maggie’s interpretation of her new life. Additionally, Maggie is forced to accept some difficult choices while coping with the infinite doctor visits and her mom’s resistance to a life saving procedure.

Maggie aspires to go to College and pursue a future in writing, however due to her moms’ sickness she is caught in the middle of going forward to reach her goals in life or placing things on hold to care for her mom. In the interim, the audience is introduced to Maggie’s perception of the Nurse who is the ignition of humor into the play; and is responsible of continuing the care while Maggie is away at school.

The production sweeps us away with the power of imagination and maintains entertainment regardless of the present moment. Additionally, it enables the audience to assume several thought provoking conclusions via unspoken metaphors within each scene. At the end of the play, I stayed for a short session of Q&A as the cast sat down and dissected several inquiries from the audience. It was a great experience to learn the basics of inception for the play and the best part about it was the knowledge gained from another perspective including the whimsical yet direct approach of highlighting the healthcare industry. I will admit as sprinkles of tears precipitated on my face it was a welcomed increased moment of gratitude towards the presence of important people and things that matter most in life.

By: Laura M. Artis