How many times have your parents, older relatives and friends mentioned the ‘good old days’? You know, when life was simpler, kids played outside, the opportunity was abundant, and the activities were endless. Of course, they never mention how technology was limited and there was no choice. For better or worse, this pandemic has us in a similar place with the benefit of technology. While we are not excited about living in these times, we do enjoy how its forced people, government and organizations to get creative and work around what we’re up against. Whether that’s setting up outdoor restaurants wherever possible or creating masks out of socks, people’s minds have been working in a way that we’re probably not used to.

As an event company, we’re always looking around for events to attend and the happenings around our city. While there is a plethora of virtual events to attend, we cant seem to get as excited about those as the real, live action. Needless to say, that’s not really possible now. Unless you’re in your car. No, we’re not talking about tailgating (although it is one of our favorite activities), we’re talking about movies and not the kind you sit inside for. Call your parents and older friends because the drive in is back! And now, in Queens!

Rooftop Films is partnering with Museum of the Moving Image (MoMI) and the New York Hall of Science (NYSCI) to expand their programming into Queens this summer with a new drive-in movie location on the grounds of the New York Hall of Science, located 47-01 111th Street in Queens.

The new theater joins the Brooklyn Drive-In, located on the pier of The Brooklyn Army Terminal at 80 58th Street, providing a great way to enjoy movies this summer while we’re living in precarious times.

Bring your family for a taste of the ‘good old days’. For more information, visit: