It’s the weekend that we all have circled on our calendar. The unofficial start of summer is upon us and many of you already have your calendars filled through Labor Day.

As ironic as it is, most of our plans do not involve being in the city. For a town that we pride ourselves on, we seem to run for the hills (or traffic) on Fridays. 

There’s no better place than New York but it can sure be tough in the summers.  However, while everyone flees, it means that our streets are empty and ours for the taking.

So, while you’re making plans for the East End, we have some fun things lined up on our island.

Memorial Day Weekend is right amid Fleet Week where sailors party all week including a Pride of Ships that cruise along the Hudson river and continue with military demonstrations.

Weather permitting, this Holiday is all about grilling and being outside. While most of us do not have backyards, we do have the DOPEBBQ, which is the definition of a high-energy and high-quality barbecue experience with delicious food, great music, and beautiful people. This is a one of a kind party in NYC and a guaranteed sell out event.  For more information, visit

If you’re staying away from meats or just want to be more cultured, check out the Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit. The Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit is a twice-a-year happening every Memorial Day Weekend and the weekend that follows and every Labor Day Weekend and the weekend that follows that.

The event showcases fine artists and craft artisans from around the New York metropolitan area, the nation and the world. Attendees come from all over and are a cosmopolitan mix, including art lovers, tourists, faculty and students from the area’s many schools and professionals such as interior designers.  For more information, visit

So, our message is don’t feel bad if you’re not at a beach. Heck, it’s not likely to be beach weather anyway. There is plenty to do around here and no crowds!