Tha Hairy Monk
337 3rd Avenue (Corner of 25th Street)
New York, NY 10010
Tel :{ 212} 532-2929
Hours of Operation: 11am-4am (daily)


The Disclaimer:

19 Beers on Tap, all served in 20 oz pint glasses, because sometimes size does matter.

On that note, after the quick intro, this is a great place to kick-start the weekend. However, there is a twist awaiting your experience that we will highlight in a few moments. The Hairy Monk is unlike any other typical bar, it combines a few alternate elements to capture the patrons. As mentioned earlier it boasts nineteen beers on tap, all served on 20 oz pint glasses; sometimes size does matter, hmmm does it?

The menu offers various selections and my friend and I both enjoyed our feasts.  She sampled the French Fries with Curry Sauce and I sampled the vegetable of the day as our sides to the main entrees.

I know you are anxiously waiting to hear the surprise I mentioned earlier, and since I have covered the main points, I suppose it is the right thing to share at the current time.  The Hairy Monk proudly serves Irish Breakfast all day long on a daily basis and an extended Happy Hour 11am-7pm. Additionally, they have a brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 11am- 4:30pm, and it gets better. Unlike other places that limit to one menu item, here at the Monk, feel free to select two courses.  If you are a sports fan, come down and cheer on your favorite team on the epic TV screens. A fair warning to my fellow New York Yankees and or Mets fans; the Monk is  a true Boston Red Sox fan club and establishment nestled in the heart of Manhattan; tread lightly with caution (Ha Ha).


By Laura M. Artis.