In the midst of the summer when it feels like the entire city is trying to get off the island to escape to islands, waterfront areas, coasts, and beaches we often forget that we’re actually on an island and surrounded by plenty of water. Sure, they are not beaches or the views on the Amalfi Coast or the Hamptons. However, we’re already here so we don’t need a plane or need to sit in traffic to enjoy it. Oh, and by the way, there are ways to enjoy our rivers that the exotic locations people are fleeing to cannot.

While there are many means to do this, we have an extra unique way to tell you about. It involves a boat and a hot tub. Now, combine the two and Sea the City has designed a unique and luxurious way to enjoy NY Harbor. Bring your favorite wine or beer and get ready for the most instagramable moment of your life. You will sit in a beautiful, commercial spa while taking in amazing views of the Hudson River and Lady Liberty.

The tubs are professionally maintained and chlorinated spas in case you’re wondering how clean it is and towel rentals are available. The boat has a large bathroom, and a separate changing room and coolers are provided for your drinks. The one-of-a kind hot tub boat was built to certain specifications. It carries two, eight-person commercial grade hot tubs, and is bookable by the tub (up to eight people) or by the boat (up to 16 people). The boat has amenities including a large bathroom and separate changing room. In addition to the captain, a deckhand is on board to assist guests. Their 40’ Coast Guard certified vessel is operated by a USCG licensed Master Captain.

Coolers, ice, cups provided at no charge. Bring your own towels or rent their if you prefer. Either way, get ready for an experience!

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