Summer is nearly here both officially and weather wise. With that comes the start of BBQ season. And with that right around the corner, there is no better place to get prepped for it than Brisket King! The Food Karma team that brings us so many culinary events that we look forward to is behind this epic showdown of brisket! It’s an annual event where BBQ pitmasters and chefs go head-to-head as they battle to be crowned Brisket King. The event was hosted in Queens at Pig Beach on Wednesday, April 25th where the crowd had the opportunity to taste every dish from local and visiting chefs.

This year’s installment was no different as the team brought different dishes, participants, vendors and fun to Queens!  On top of that, we supported a community 501c3 partner, Friends of Firefighters, and the venue host Pig Beach. A portion of the net proceeds was donated to the Jeff Michner Foundation. After enjoying all the meats, we washed it all down with changing craft beer, cider, spirits and other beverages. If you did not attend in 23, see for yourself in 24 why Brisket King NYC has been a premier BBQ event for 10+ years!

David Gill of Wildwoods BBQ in Wildwood, NJ was crowned KING in 2023 and while everyone could not be crowned King, the food was plentiful and attended by the following participants. Let’s just say these were all close runner ups and we can’t wait to have them compete for our palette next year!

Bret Lunsford, Blue Smoke, New York, NY
Michelin-starred Chef Therdtus “Tony” Rittaprom, Zabb Pu Tawn NYC special pairing with Singha
Robert Austin Cho, Kimchi Smoke, Westwood, NJ
Joey Machado of Texas Charcoal, Seguin, TX-
Sean Keever, Big Guns BBQ, Fishkill, NY
Darlene Lawrence, Sands Jerk Hut, Brooklyn, NY
Mario Chape, Big Papa Smoke ‘M, Bogota, NJ
Eli Goldman, Tikkun BBQ, Queens, NY
Ruben Santana, Bark Barbecue, Time Out Market, NY
Joe Musngi, SmoKING of Meats, Belleville, NJ
Cenobillo Canalizo, Morgan’s Brooklyn Barbecue, Brooklyn, NY
Eric Vitale, Eazy’s Craft BBQ, Kenilworth, NJ
Jeff Schmidt, Hindsight BBQ, Waterbury, CT
Leland Avellino, Avellino Family BBQ, Norwalk, Connecticut
Richie Holmes, Juicy Lucy BBQ, Staten Island, New York
Chef Aniwat Khotsopa, Zaab Zaab, Woodside, NY
Kam Rai Thai, Astoria, NY