The Kings County Fair is an annual event held at Aviator Sports within Floyd Bennett Field (Brooklyn, NY).  The fair typically hosts thousands of people through the weekends of May from the hours of 12PM to 12AM.  This fair can be seen from the Belt Parkway, however, it is still tucked away within the Field.  You must drive down what was once a runway before you reach the Aviator Sports Complex.  Once there, you will find a parking lot blocked off for the event, as well as rides, food vendors, and games.

Unfortunately, the weekend I was able to attend it was raining, windy, and rather overcast outside.  Inclement weather has never stopped me from attending a fair before, though!  I quickly went inside the complex to retrieve my bracelet and ran off to have a great time.  Most, if not all, the rides were closed due to the intense wind but the vendors remained open and sports were still being played.  They have a ride for everyone; Himalaya, rollercoasters, bumper cars, and flying swings.  They even have a ferris wheel and a merry-go-round!  This is definitely a fair that people of all ages can enjoy.  There is something about outdoor fairs that make them extra special.

While the fair is wonderful, all of Floyd Bennett Field is amazing.  You are ultimately exploring a part of history when you visit.  The sports complex is beautiful both inside and out.  I would recommend spending a good part of your day here, in addition to checking out the fair.  In between eating fried Oreos and winning goldfish, you can watch a soccer or hockey game be played.  Done with getting a few thrills from the rides?  Head over to the ice skating rink and watch as others skate around.  This is definitely a very kid-friendly and family-oriented event that I was more than happy to have the chance to attend.  I look forward to attending next year!  I just hope this weather manages to get its act together.

Article by: Kristy Rody (www.quinngoldie.wordpress.com)