If you’ve been along with us for the ride, you know how much we enjoy the Halloween season. We like to get involved in everything including the scary movies, costume parties and haunted houses! Just shy of ghost hunting, we like to explore. One of our favorites is right here on our island! Blood Manor is scary. The building that houses the manor just adds to it.

The location was built in 1853 and has been featured as one of NYC’s haunts with Civil War Soldiers ghost sightings who frequent there.  The building also is the former home of one of the earliest photographers in American history Matthew Brady.  Known most prominently for his legendary Civil War battlefield photos Matthew’s were displayed to create awareness of Americans killing Americans. The thankful soldiers to Brady have been seen on many occasions on site at the 359 Broadway building in Tribeca. 

Brady also photographed multiple well-known people including Abraham Lincoln.  He shot the photo of Lincoln that is displayed on the $5 bill which was taken days before Abe’s assassination. For fifteen successful seasons, BLOOD MANOR has made facing your darkest fears part of NYC’S Halloween season and will be all more real at this location.

Take it from us as we’ve been going every year just short of a decade, this is their best year yet! All the rooms have been enhanced and taken to the next level. Mike Rodriguez and Jim Lorenzo have upped their game in their 15th season and put all things sinister and dead on display to bring out your inner fears. They ramped up the mayhem and chaos to create an experience that has you yearning for more!  The quality of the residents and fears they instill are second to none. This needs to be a part of your Halloween!


For more information and all dates and times and tickets, visit bloodmanor.com.