@Arlene’s Grocery
95 Stanton Street (Between Orchard & Ludlow)
New York, NY 10002
{212} 358-1633

“Artistic collaboration and mutual support gives me the greatest joy. We all have a unique voice to express and point of view to share. Alacrity Project initiated the A Live Series to grow a community for those committed to their dreams, that is fun, active, supportive and a platform for future projects.” Emily Niewendorp, founder of Alacrity Project.

If you love to burst into tears and enjoy spending your weekend with good company and strangers alike, then I present to you a Monologue Jam. What do you get when you combine a panel of judges, a stage, and comedians?  Another Sunday afternoon well spent full of endless entertainment and laughter as members from the Alacrity Project and a few other independent entertainers courageously take over the stage at Arlene’s Grocery located on Stanton Street in downtown NY. The two-hour laughing marathon shifts into gear after the co-hosts briefly warm up the audience.

A few moments before the show begins, I have a few minutes to speak and meet with Julia Amisano, founder and owner of the Grace Music Studio in Brooklyn, NY, and one of judges along with Emily. The judging criteria is based on stage presence, timing, acting choices, believability, voice projection, spontaneity, transition, and emotional commitment. Additionally, the top three winners can choose from Spa treatments, singing lessons, and an array of alternate and awesome prizes.

Showtime begins and we celebrate Hamlet monologues, stories of the past, matters of the heart, life changing events, current events and much more. Spontaneous character improvisations and honesty pours out through additional comedic skits, as it gets harder to contain uncontrollable outbursts of laughter.

All comedians perform their best, and even though we had to select only three people, everyone is a winner today and I anticipate the same excitement for subsequent events. So, if this piques your interest, look out for the next Monologue Jam coming up in February 2013. In the meantime, to remain updated on their monthly events happening around your neck of the woods, feel free to visit and bookmark their website: http://www.alacrityproject.com and always share with your universe.

By: Laura M. Artis