We often take it for granted that we live and play on an island. Further, we have other islands that are accessible to us and plenty of reason to visit. Some you can even take a gondola to like Roosevelt Island or ferry over to Governors Island. Today, we are talking about Randall’s Island. While it may feel strange to discuss this time of year, it has been the island to visit since November 27th and should remain an attraction on your list through January 10th. It’s the holiday event that doesn’t get enough attention and very different than anything you can imagine.

The month long even that we are referring to is call LuminoCity. It is a dynamic holiday light festival and immersive art experience happens on Randall’s Island during the holiday season. LuminoCity Festival is an exciting new addition to many of New York City’s important holiday experiences, such as the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, the Radio City Rockettes and the Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration.

The inspiration behind LuminoCity Festival comes from the combination of traditional art of Chinese lantern festivals with modern design and unique storytelling. Zigong City, located in the Sichuan province, is the epicenter of lantern manufacture and lantern festival production. It is also home to the world’s most skilled lantern artists and hosts an annual lantern festival that attracts more than two million people. LuminoCity is rooted in the Zigong festival industry, as the journey of producing the LuminoCity Festival begins there with the manufacturing of light structures.

By bringing the two-thousand-year history of the Chinese lantern festival to New York City through an extraordinary new light artform, the LuminoCity Festival creates a new reality full of magical wonder and thrilling adventure for all to enjoy. With each new festival, a new and original Lumi’s Adventure story is written and turned into a larger-than-life light art experience. Join the original IP mascot Lumi as he ventures through the galaxies searching for answers to his mysterious past!

It’s hard to surprise us New Yorkers but we’ll go out on a limb here and say you’ve probably never experienced like it before. And, it’s COVID-19 friendly!

For more information and tickets, visit luminocityfestival.com