The calendar says its winter, but it really hasn’t felt that way…yet. Yes, the holidays give us the winter cheer, but it wasn’t a White Christmas and that’s probably a good thing. Party time is behind us and we’re all starting to settle into winter blues. Our credit card bills are coming in, our diets are in full effect and we feel paralyzed.

Going from 100 to a 10 is not easy. Gluttony is fun, and you don’t know how to fill our time without spending, eating and drinking! Lucky for you, we do!

Being outdoors in the winter is not the first thing we think of nor do we enjoy freezing while we walk from the subway to the office. However, being outdoors on ice is special. Yes, we’re talking about ice skating!

We’ll even go as far to say that its exercise! Replace a gym day with a day on the rink and save some money.

You know Bryant Park and how special it is. Did you know that it’s FREE to ice skate if you have your own skates? The ice skating rink at Bryant Park is the centerpiece of the winter season and even extends beyond the Holidays (with it’s annual Holiday Shops). Yes, there are other skating rinks to enjoy ice time but few others offer free admission for ice skating, high-quality rental skates, ice shows, special events and other activities until early March.

The best part of the rink is that it’s available whether you’re looking to skate before work or through the lunch hour, with friends or with a date, or go for a spin under the stars. The Winter Village at Bryant Park is the perfect event for your New Years Resolution and allows you to take advantage of some New York winter activities. Yes, it’s cold but skaters can warm up inside the Skating Pavilion with hot chocolate and snacks. Yum!

Embrace the winter.