We talk about it all year, spend half the year ‘preparing’ for it and can’t wait til its over. What else could we be talking about other than the Holidays! While we do enjoy this time of year, we look forward to the end so we can get back to a normal diet and ease up on the drinking!  Before we start making resolutions, lets enjoy the beginning of another wonderful time of the year in New York City.  Arguably the best place to be and center of the universe for all things holiday season officially kicks off this week.

By now, you have probably noticed lights being strung, department store (what’s left of them anyway) windows covered, ready to make their debut and an inbox filled with holiday parties. The season is here. And, Macy’s is going to make it all official on Thursday before you begin filling your belly with tryptophan.

The parade always seems to usher in a month or so of cheer and changes the dynamic of the city. People seem friendlier, there are more accents around and the pick pocketers are even more plentiful. Welcome to the holiday season in New York! We’re suckers for all of it. Just let us keep our wallets.

Festivities for the parade start a day early when Macy’s inflates all of the balloons for your viewing pleasure. In some ways, this can be a better experience than the actual parade since the crowds are less and it goes down in the evening. You can get a sneak peek by attending the yearly Balloon Inflation event that takes place the day before the Parade as they are being filled with helium.  If filling your coffee with Baileys is not your thing, then make plans for the parade or catch it on TV!

The 93rd Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will take place from 9 AM to Noon ET. Take a spot along the 2.5 miles of public viewing along the route and watch more than 8,000 Parade participants set off down the streets of Manhattan or join a nationwide television audience of over 50 million viewers and watch the Parade on NBC.  For more information including the parade route, visit https://www.macys.com/social/parade/

Happy Official Holiday Season 2019!