Living in New York City, we know trains. In fact, we might know them better than any other city. They are an everyday part of our life. Whether its commuting to and from the city to the burbs, Jersey or Connecticut, skipping town on an Amtrak to Philly or DC for the weekend or even riding the ol reliable subway to get around town, New Yorkers spend a lot of time on trains. That also means that we understand the maps and schedules, how the stations work and everything else that comes along with riding the choo choo.

For that reason, it’s only appropriate that one of the most epic train shows is hosted in our city. Further, the show takes place at the most proper time of year in the most magical place. For whatever reasons, we seem to identify trains with the Holidays. Maybe it’s the idea of a train zipping around a Christmas tree? We’re not really sure of the origin but we know it captures the holiday spirit just like the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center does.  And, just like the tree, New York does things in a big way. So, this is no different.

It takes place at the New York Botanical Garden (aka NYBG) in the Bronx! NYBG’s Holiday Train Show—a favorite holiday tradition—has been making memories for over 30 years! See model trains zip through an enchanting display of more than 190 replicas of New York landmarks, each delightfully re-created from natural materials such as birch bark, lotus pods, and cinnamon sticks.

Plus, take in NYC’s largest outdoor holiday light experience at NYBG GLOW, returning for its third year with even more illuminated displays. Thousands of dazzling, energy-efficient lights and whimsical, picture-perfect installations reflect the surrounding gardens and collections, creating a spectacle not to be missed. These special evenings feature music, experiences, food, and more—making for the ultimate night out this season. Make it a family day or hot date night. This is not to be missed!

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