America is known for doing everything ‘bigger’. That includes cars, homes and even meals (check out the steak in Texas). While the rest of the world may have this perception of the country, New York is an exception to this rule. While we may not be as ‘big’ as Texas, we do things differently and, in a way, that no one else can. That includes everything from galas, conventions and even picnics.  Yes, the picnic you are thinking of. Sort of.

As most of you know, summer is the time our residents run away on the weekends. We run to beaches, lakes and anywhere else that can provide an outdoor experience. Yes, we have plenty of world class parks on our island but for whatever reason, we need to get out! Some of us need to run to the East End of Long Island to sip rose and show off that bod we’ve worked on all year.  What if we told you that you can spare the traffic and do it in your backyard. What if we told you that you could have done it since 2016. Looking back is not our thing but planning is! Let’s look towards the weekend. To Pinknic.

Since its inception, Pinknic has quickly become a New York City summer tradition, welcoming thousands of guests each year, all dressed in pink and white, to eat, drink, play, and dance the day away. For 2019, they are kicking it up a notice and moving to the much larger grounds of Randall’s Island Park (yes, you will be on an island – tell your friends!), which will allow for two stages at this year’s festivities!

If you don’t know or haven’t heard, Pinknic is well-known for creating spectacular spaces that offer guests an experience of a lifetime – delightful wine complemented with delicious food exquisitely prepared by local chefs, lively entertainment from world renowned bands and DJs, and activations that will surely charm and thrill all who attend.

Basically, it includes all the reasons you look to leave the city. Skip the traffic this weekend and check out Pinknic! For more information and tickets, visit