With school already starting in some places, it feels like summer has already come to an end. While it doesn’t officially end for a few weeks, Labor Day marks the change. At least in our town. As depressing as it can be, we look forward to all things fall in New York City. It’s a time when the streets get busy again, folks are back from vacation and the restaurants are buzzing like they were before Memorial Day. So, with all that ahead of us, lets enjoy what’s left and the unofficial final hurrah!

Labor Day is a day for all Americans to celebrate the importance of workers. It was initially called “International Worker’s Day,” but after World War II, it became an American celebration. Today, Labor Day is one of the most popular holidays in America. From festivals to concerts and parades, there are plenty of ways that can celebrate Labor Day in New York City!

Although many of you reading this will be out of town, there are plenty of reasons to stick around! You might want to change up your island and visit Governors Island, a popular spot to enjoy the outdoors and feel like you’re on vacation. Furthermore, you can go to one of the many parks in New York and enjoy the last rays of the summer sun along with the New Yorkers. If you want to do what the locals do (those who are still in town) then go to Brooklyn to watch the West Indian Parade. You can get the most delicious street food and there are entertaining music and lively dancers. This is an event you’ll be talking and thinking about for many Labor Days to come!

Whatever you decide to do, enjoy the last chance to truly enjoy all the good things summer has brought us—rooftop bars, beaches, pristine pools, beautiful parks and more.