We don’t know about you, but we miss the days when we would be outside from morning to night. There was not much to do inside except for first generation video games. As much fun as they were, we loved to ride our bikes in the neighborhood with our friends. Fast forward to COVID-19 and here we are, reverting back to our childhood. In many ways, life has become much simpler with this global pandemic. We are no longer focused on what to wear, what to do and where to go. Well, maybe if we’re Zooming with the video on, we care about what to wear. If you are suffering from Zoom fatigue, then none of that applies.

The weekends and any free time outside of work from home is enjoying the pleasures that don’t require much. Family time, TV watching and now with the nice weather, being outdoors!  As our title suggests, we think its time to go back outside and play! That may mean a long walk, a job, a run or even bike riding. If you’re fortunate enough to have some outdoor space where you can social distance, maybe a BBQ is in the cards for you. Yes, Memorial Day Weekend is not until next week but there’s no reason not to get an early start on the grill. The weather is changing and so is our desire to remain indoors. Let’s fire up the grill or find one that we can use and start enjoying some hot dogs, hamburgers and all things that pair well with your favorite beer. The start of summer is literally around the corner and may be our time to say F U to this virus that has derailed our lives. We started to Google BBQ recipes. We suggest you do the same. Happy Grilling!