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TimeOut New York knew there was no better way to celebrate the launch of their summer drinking issue than with midweek, post-work cocktails.  Wednesday evening June 5th, the popular publication hosted a happy hour at the newly-reopened Gallow Green rooftop at the McKittrick Hotel.  Home to Sleep No More, the swanky McKittrick is located in the ever-trendy Chelsea neighborhood and drew in a mixed crowd this early-summer evening.

A few minutes before 6pm, guests lined up, vouchers in hand, to make their way up to the rooftop.  The slow ascent was appropriately eerie–I didn’t know if the sounds coming from the dimly let elevator were part of the suspense motif or simply run-of-the-mill machinery noise.

Gallow Green itself was not spooky at all, rather, the environment was lovely and secluded.  With the exception of one song I noticed playing called “The Cat Came Back” (a favorite childhood Halloween tune), the music was relatively mainstream thus not particularly noteworthy.  I was disappointed, however, that the live music the event promised was nowhere in sight.

Nonetheless, my girlfriends and I enjoyed our night, much like we have other TONY-sponsored events.  The atmosphere alone was worth the price of admission; the setting is perfect for a date or night with friends.  Upon arrival upstairs, we were instantly greeted by friendly waiters and waitresses carrying trays of bottled Stella and glasses of white wine.  Beer and wine were available for free with our vouchers, and people around us purchased other drinks and small plates of food.

Two hours passed by effortlessly, the garden filled, yet not overwhelmed, with chatter.  We spent most of our time seated at one of the several small tables, and couches and booths were made available as well.  The space is equally beautiful after sunset, with many lights scattered about the lush greenery.  I look forward to making Gallow Green my go-to spot this summer!

By: Emily Giove