Since we’re part-time journalists, we can sympathize with those who had to be outside covering stories, freezing their ARSE OFF.  Lucky for us, we’re still able to pay the heating bill (thanks to you readers) and write from the comfort of our semi-ergonomic seats.

Some reporters were out in the elements, interviewing people about how cold it is. Not sure why anyone would stop to speak to someone else to discuss how cold it was but whatever. Other reporters got to go to Central Park to check out the latest addition to the Central Park Zoo. And what timing it was for the newest New Yorkers.

If you haven’t heard, our wonderful city has grown by two ladies. Don’t get too excited men; you won’t want to go near Veronica or Betty and DEFINITELY not at the same time!

While many of us are still mourning the death of Gus, the Grizzly bear who passed away in 2013, Veronica and Betty have now taken over his space. Like any other real estate, there were upgrades.

Previously, space featured a deep pool but now there’s a rugged, mountain-like terrain with streams and waterfalls in addition to a more shallow pool. How much do you think that is per square foot? Here come more New York divas!

These ladies have it good and they want to meet you. Make your way over to the Central Park Zoo to say hello!