@ Tonic & the Met Lounge – 727 7th Avenue

Brother to Murray Hill college funhouses Joshua Tree and Mercury Bar 515, Tonic is a tri-level testosterone palace that you’re guaranteed to either hate or love. For some, entering Tonic is a similar experience to entering Hell’s Seventh Gate, but it’s also a haven for tourists and local office workers who suffer from ADD. The bar offers state-of-the-art sports viewing on multiple plasma TV screens, loud DJ-spun music, (that can best be described as “eclectic”), and a vast beer, liquor, and food menu. Tonic isn’t short of events like karaoke, happy hours, and theme nights, but if you’re not in the mood for an evening spent with raucous frat-happy tourists and Bridge and Tunnel bankers, you might want to cross Tonic off your list.

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